HOLLYLAND Solidcom M1-8B


Industry-First Solution To Power Up to 1300ft-Radius Communication Range. Enhanced Audio Quality. Let Your Voice be Heard Crisp and Loud. Intuitive Grouping at A Single Tap. Multi-Device Cascade Connection for Hassle-Free Group Communication. Born Rugged, Take It Anywhere with You. Out-of-the-Box Convenience. Ergonomic Button Layout for Smooth & Precise Operation. A Plethora of Choices for Your Ears. Say No to Low-Battery Anxiety

EAN: 6970758742092
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Station x 1, Beltpack x 8, Charging Base x 1, High Gain Omnidirectional Antenna x 2, LEMO Single-Ear Headset x 8,RJ45 to XLR Cable (5 meters) x 1, USB-Type-A to Type-C Cable x 1, POE Adapter x 1, 4-Pin XLR Adapter x 1, Beltpack Battery x 8, 3/8 Installation Accessory x 1, User Guide x 1

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Weight 2,5 kg
Dimensions 660 × 530 × 330 mm