J.LEIVA Cajon Zoco 2.0 Black On Black (anti-slip lacquered)


Cajon Zoco 2.0 Black On Black (anti-slip lacquered)

EAN: 6095905722731


Introducing the new Zoco Cajon line from J.Leiva, offering an affordable option for those who want to own one of their premium instruments. The Zoco cajons feature the same high-quality sound as the rest of the brand, with a birch front panel, straight tension system, and direct serigraphy. The cajon is made with a 12mm DM board chassis treated with humidity repellent and painted with high-resistance epoxy paint. It also includes the innovative Direct Tuning System with two parallel guitar strings that can be tuned from outside the cajon without the need for tools. Overall, the Zoco cajon is an excellent value for its price and delivers exceptional sound quality.

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