MARK BASS CMD 102 P IV – MBC105054


CMD 102 P – MBC105054

EAN: 8033829133910


This front-ported 2×10 combo is a great option for gigging bassists who want to cut through the mix without a big rig.
The more aggressive tone of the 10” speakers means you can often get by just with this combo, but it does also stack with any 8 ohm Traveler or Standard cab, for more volume and headroom.
The CMD 102P IV combo is perfect for any situation. The new Little Mark IV Combo head features the new bi-band limiter, a MUTE switch and the 3-way switch that includes the options of Flat, Scooped or FSW.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 670 × 540 × 510 mm