about us

Mafico’s vision for the future is to evolve into the “Distribution Tree” of Europe. Our strategic expansion into diverse markets is aimed at offering our dealers and end customers comprehensive, all-encompassing solutions meticulously curated from a diverse array of premium brands that complement each other. Since our onset in 1992, beginning with microphone distribution, Mafico’s journey has been marked by consistent growth and evolution. In 2011, we boldly entered the video market, further solidifying our presence and expanding our reach. More recently, we have successfully expanded our market share in the HiFi sector, amplifying our portfolio’s richness and diversity.

Continuously driven by innovation and market demands, our portfolio of brands continues to experienced a perpetual growth, with a constant influx of new products and brands expanding on our offerings, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of the distribution landscape, ready to meet the evolving needs of our valued partners and customers across Europe.


Our passionate team consists of diverse industry professionals, dedicated to excellence, innovation, and staying at the forefront of our dynamic industry.


Providing quality products and service is non-negotiable — it’s not just a choice, it comprises the very essence of our identity.


Our deeply passionate team possesses extensive expertise, ensuring profound knowledge and genuine dedication in their respective fields.


We excel in innovation by envisioning unconventional solutions, always anticipating, and strategically planning to stay ahead of the curve.

The team

Within our team, we cultivate a dynamic group of industry professionals who not only possess profound expertise, but also harbor an unyielding passion for their craft. Each member, whether seasoned guitarist, drummer, photographer, cinematographer, or studio/audio engineer, brings a unique perspective and skill set. This ensures that you’re supported by a passionate team driven by their genuine love for the products they represent.

We are committed to excellence, continuously seeking opportunities for growth and innovation. Our dedication to our craft drives us to exceed expectations and deliver outstanding results, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of our industry. We stay consistently updated on the latest developments and innovations, confidently navigating the realms of photo & video, HiFi, music instruments, and installations with versatility and expertise.

  • David van Duijn

    Chief executive officer

  • Maarten London

    Chief operational officer

  • Edith van Duijn


  • Marloes Plas

    Executive assistant

  • Jeroen Bakker

    Business development

  • Caspar Bunge

    Creative director HiFi

  • Bobby Regensburg

    Account manager Video

  • Jos Meuwes

    Account manager MI

  • Hans Scholten

    Account manager HiFi

  • Patrick Mos

    Backoffice / Aftersales

  • Peter Vijfvinkel

    Backoffice / Support HiFi

  • Garmt van der zel

    Product manager HiFi / MI

  • Neil Schoor

    Social media / Content specialist

  • Philip Lok


  • Tom Remeeus

    IT / Developer

  • Wouter Romeijnders


  • Bert van Herk


  • Ferry de Groot

    IT / Developer

  • Susanne van Berkel

    Backoffice / RMA

  • Hidde Blokland

    Marketing specialist

  • Steven Soedhoe

    Accountmanager HiFi

  • Danny Versluis

    Product manager MI / Backoffice

  • Manuel Djeribi

    Acccountmanager France

  • Marco reedijk

    Sales & marketing manager

  • Holger Lesser

    Accountmanager south Germany

  • Stephan Saretz

    Accountmanager north Germany