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Are you a creator or endorser looking to align with some of our premium brands? Look no further! Mafico invites you to join our exclusive ambassador program.

With goals to become the leading “Distribution Tree”of audio-visual gear in Europe, Mafico offers a curated selection of premium brands across diverse markets, from microphones, video equipment, to HiFi. By becoming a Mafico ambassador, you’ll earn a chance to receive free products from our extensive portfolio, in exchange for promoting the brands you want to represent on your channels.

Our dynamic community of creators and endorsers showcase the latest innovations to their audiences, while elevating their own content to the next level with the most up-to-date gear on the market. Whether you’re a content creator, musician, filmmaker, or tech enthusiast, there’s a place for everyone in our program.

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We currently only accept endorsers and influencers within the Netherlands, Belgium and France.

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